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a small Perth based family business

Im a passionate professional dedicated to delivering the highest quality workmanship.

My company is structured around Roof Maintenance and and repair so you have an all in one option and confidence of quality and reliability because if there is another problem but it is not related to my works I can let you know and fix it so it doesn’t turn into a surprise later.

I use only the highest quality Dulux Acratex roofing products and methodology for Roof Restorations.

With a background in industrial pressure washing services, vacuum operations and industrial protective coatings, I have extensive training that surpasses the requirements for all residential applications.

With a proven track record of exceeding customers expectations through attention to detail and outstanding results so you can trust that the pride I take in my work will resinate from your completed job for years to come.

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what services do we Offer?

top: dirty terracotta roof covered in lichen. bottom: after roof cleaning Perth by pressure washing after gutter cleaning

Roof Cleaning Perth.

Protect the integrity of your roof, gutters and downpipes.

Wether it’s Soft Washing or Pressure Washing. We rely on chemical treatment to do most of the sterilisation. With pressure washing you receive instant results so there is NO organic matter left behind on completion.

Soft Washing while effective and safe it doesn’t always provide instant results but does have a wider range of applications because of its less aggressive nature.

top: after area cleaned by pressure washing. bottom: area before pressure washing

Pressure Washing & Soft Washing Perth.

Quality and Experience Matters.

I alone have over 10 years pressure washing experience so no matter the job, get ready to watch me wash away years of dirt and grime to leave you amazed with the results, because experience and attention to detail really do result in quality.

top: dirty damaged tile roof. bottom: roof cleaning by pressure washing Perth, re pointing, repaired roof after full roof restoration using Dulux Acratex roofing products after gutter cleaning

Roof Restoration Perth.

Cleaning, Repair, Prime and Painting.

Wether you have a metal roof or tiled roof, I will conduct a full roof inspection and roof report with photos that will be made available to you so we can create a clear plan and outline required works so I can generate an accurate quote because no-one likes unexpected extra works.

solar panel cleaning in progress after gutter cleaning and roof cleaning Perth

Solar Panel Cleaning Perth.

Performance Improving, Streak Free Solar Cleaning.

Help maintain the maximum solar output of your PV system with our solar cleaning.

We use deionised water for a shiny streak free finish because not only does it decrease the risk of electrocution from a defective panel, but the absence of chlorine and other impurities (ions) ensures we do not damage the protective top coat and reduce the panels power output because your solar is a valuable asset to your home and should be treated so.

left: roof before whirlybird installation. right: roof after whirlybird installation

Whirlybird Installation Perth. 

Help to protect your roof truss.

Whirlybirds are great at equalising the temperature inside your roof with the outside temperature and reducing the strain applied to the roof truss so you can help extend the life of your roof.

But how? Because the timber absorbs moisture through the cooler parts of the year. As the temp inside a roof rapidly increases, it forces the moisture out of the timber and causes bowing and sagging, so having whirlybirds reduce the large heat fluctuations within your roof through the hot seasons.

image showing before and after pics of vacuum gutter clean

Gutter Cleaning Perth. 

Reduce Fire and Overflowing Risks.

Mess and hassle free Gutter cleaning. The fast and easy way, so you keep your gutters clean and safe so there’s  no need to worry about them.

Contact Myself or Jason and we’ll arrange a no obligation and hassle free quote.

Interested in scheduled cleaning? If so, have a look at plan options  so you can bundle and save so you can make Gutter Cleaning regular Roof Maintenance.

roof maintenance Perth

metal roof after roof rust removal and roof screw replacement ready for priming

Metal Roof Screw Replacement & Rust Removal Perth.

Roof screws slowly deteriorate and rust.

Slowly but surely UV deteriorates the rubber boots on roofing screws leading to potential leaks and rust. 

Its not uncommon to see screws starting to rust but the sooner the roof rusted screws are replaced, the less damage they cause to your roof and the cheaper the repair will be.

So if you need roof screw replacement, don’t leave it too long because it can leave an unsightly result.

left: aftersoft washing and old pointing has been cut out. right: after re pointing

Re Pointing & Re Beding Perth.

Practicality, Integrity and Aesthetes.

Bedding and Pointing are important parts of your roof not only because it is the mechanical adhesion that binds the ridge tile to your roof but because if it is damaged it can result in leaks an reduce visual appeal. 

Our Re Pointing starts by cleaning and then cutting out the old and repairing the bedding so that the new pointing mortar won’t fail shortly after application. This is because many other contractors point straight over the old pointing and it fails within a few years because it wasn’t cleaned and prepped correctly.

top left: before valley gutter replacement. top right removal of valley gutter. bottom left: new valley gutter installed. bottom right: after valley gutter replacement roof cleaning Perth and gutter cleaning

Valley Gutter Replacement Perth. 

Do you have leaks caused by your rusted valleys?

If your roof is covered in lichen, moss or algae I would suggest you start with a roof clean.

But why? Because all of those organisms produce different types of acid and that is etching the protective coating causing rust so it’s important to keep your roof clean. 

Valley gutter replacement also includes valley pegging after replacement so that tiles don’t dip into the valley and potentially cause leaks.

roof after re pointing with Dulux Acratex roofing products and whirlybird installation
tiled roof after roof cleaning by pressure washing, re pointing and full roof restoration using Dulux Acratex roofing products

fully insured, registered, accredited

Peace of mind & quality assured!

  • $10m Public Liability insurance.
  • Workers Compensation cover.
  • Dulux Acratex Registered and Accredited.
  • 10+ Yr experience.
  • Passionate and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

I’m eager to prove myself and build my company into a standard setting, industry leader and with your help, we can set the standards.

Are you ready to experience the difference?

for any roof maintenance, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning or roof restoration in Perth, please contact me.